Exterior Rigid
Insulation System

  • The ESTOLGA 550 Exterior Attachment System can significantly reduce your labor costs by eliminating redundant tasks of creating the building envelope. The insulated attachment systems, channels, and wall panels are installed all at once, eliminating the need for separate sub-girt installation, insulation installation, channel installation, and panel installation. In one step, the entire system is installed onto the building.
  • ESTOLGA 550 Sliding Stiffener Attachments can be used horizontally or vertically, and their unique patented design allows the panel material to thermally expand or contract, which eliminates the “oil-canning” that can occur in inferior systems.
  • ALLIEDBOND® Wall panels provide an exceptional solution for building cladding acting as single source Z-Furring, Hat Channel, and sub-girt combination.

ALLIEDBOND® Components in this System